Quartana Wiesbaden

Wiesbaden was founded by Romans at the beginning of our era.

Its central position and beneficial curative powers of the 26 springs promotes the rapid growth of the balneological resort. "Bruborn" was first mentioned in the documents dated 1366.

Due to the hot spring renowned for their effectiveness in healing various illness, the name "Aquis mattiacis" was created.

Dostojevski, Wagner, Brahms all spent time there.

Wiesbaden was an important political center, the imperial city, the cradle of European dynasty of Nassau-Usingen. Under the aegis of the Duke of Nassau Wiesbaden experienced its initial heyday as a spa, the city's economy and culture thrived, it became popular among European nobility and famed personalities.

In the second half of 19th century after German union Wiesbaden became an unofficial summer residence of Hohenzollern dynasty. Visit Wiesbaden to experience the atmosphere of those days. In spite of all the changes the center of the city is repeatedly described as having as incomparable charm. World famous Casino built at the beginning of the 20th century will invite you 'to make your bets', Kurhaus and Colonnade surrounded by Kurpark and ancient Villas shape the city's contours.

Wiesbaden is a wonderful place for movie-makers, without any settings they can restore the spirit of the 19th century aristocratic city. Eberbach, Idstein, Schloss Johannisberg are the places you have seen in the films.

The Thermalbad Aukammtal Your Wiesbaden Health Spa

After a construction period of almost two years, this modern, highly efficient and contemporary health care facility is once again open to the public. Pale and friendly colors combined with an ingenious light concept guarantee and up-to-date design. In addition to renovating the existing areas, major changes and expansions were undertaken.The sauna landscape offers 8 sauna variations now. A swim-through channel links the indoor and the outdoor pool. A new activity pool has been integrated. The restaurant facilities have been reorganized and extended. Various massage and beauty treatment. This new highlight among Wiesbaden's spas is in a class of its own as far as its features and fitting are concerned. So forget the daily stress follow our motto: "Dive into this new oasis of well-being!"