Jochen Baumgartner

Cooperation of all our departments allows us to maintain the services at the shortest time possible.

Examination and Diagnostics
General medical examination
Translation of medical documentation


We provide invitation letter (that is also a proof of a place being reserved) and all the necessary documents for entrance visa applying needed for the patient and people he is accompanied by. The invitation letter and documents are sent on the following day the contract is signed. The Embassy will be informed of the patient and visa procedures will start immediately. People traveling with Quantana GmbH acquire special status at the Consulate and the time for visa obtaining is reduced to minimum. Reservation of the airline tickets can be made upon request.


Diagnostic centers are selected according to the health problems. We offer specialized examination based on the case history, diagnosis, consultations by the leading specialists, prescription of individual treatment establishment program. Your medical documentation will be translated into Russian to be forwarded to your family doctor.


General check-up

Our patients can just come for so-called "one week check-up". It is held at specialized diagnostic centers where the patients get rid of doubts and suspicions pertaining to state of their health. The fee will depend on the set of examination test.


After consultations with the clinics’ specialists you will receive the proposal with detailed medical program. We can recommend you only specialized, individually selected to the diagnosis clinics. We guarantee our patients individual approach to the organization of their treatment. Our patients are supervised by professors and leading specialists and are offered only leading clinics. Our agents will bye by your side to control the medication. Phone consultations by the supervisory department of Quantan GmbH are held daily with the physicians.


Rehabilitation centers offer unique rehabilitative, diagnostic, health care and spa services and our friendly staff will help you to feel at home. Our rehabilitation programs combine physical, medical and psychological aspects aimed to the complete recovery and adaptation to the normal life. Your psychological state is as important for us as your sound health. The rehabilitation program will be modified according to the individual demands, health peculiarities, physiology and psychology of the patient. We are proud to provide a complex process with the following stages being a must: clinic – hospital – rehabilitation center – spa resort. Such system explains our close ties with medical institutions. Duration of your stay is set individually by our professors but can be adapted at your request. We keep detailed records of your case-history and you will be given professional recommendations for the follow-up treatment..


The type of the accommodation should be chosen according to the diagnosis specified and the treatment given. Personal approach benefits a lot in that case. Our patients stay in single wards equipped with all the modern facilities. Different diets are available if they agree with your treatment. Out-patient and those on rehabilitation may live in the nearby hotels and sanatoriums and spar centers. Apartments could be rented if the rehabilitation period is long.

Guests / Supervision

We are ready to accommodate parents accompanying underaged children in the ward (exception for oncological illness during intense therapy). Inn other cases relatives are lodged in nearby hotel and boarding houses. Expenses for accompanying person can be added to the general quotation.

Translation of medical documentation

The extracts from you case history and particulars of medical treatment held before will help to carry more qualifiedly preliminary consultations, select the clinic and set the necessary methods of diagnostics and treatment. Your medical documents will be translated into German and sent to the clinics. After the treatment is finished all the medical documentation and prescriptions will be translated into Russian to be forwarded to your family doctor. Your sending the documents via fax or e-mail together with the inquiry will be very helpful.


We guarantee our patients a high level of service in the organization of their stay taking into account their needs and wishes. We are responsible for your comfort from your arrival to departure. Our patients are constantly accompanied by qualified, experienced interpreters, knowing the particularities of clinic's functioning and helping to break communication barrier. In addition to the information from you interpreter the Quantana Gmbh supervisory department will get daily reports from your doctor. Your relatives are welcome to use our hot-line to l earn about the patients' state.
We will help you with transportation when you are ready to leave the clinic.


At the request of our patients of their accompanying persons we can organize excursions, entertainments and shopping. Car rental is available. Our agents will show you and your friends the sights of the city and will you about German culture and traditions.


The detailed calculation is made according to the medical program and the services of organization agreed with the patient or his sponsor. Once you agreed to the conditions of our proposal we will send you the contract and the calculation for the payment, previously approved by you. Any organization of a person can represent the second side of a contract. When the contract is signed we make the reservations at the selected clinic and book the tickets. Visa documents are also prepared at that moment. After the specified prepayment for the program is made you will receive the invitation letter and other documents.