Quartana GmbH

Quartana Wiesbaden

Our objective is to help patients from abroad in making their choice between German leading specialized clinics and diagnostic centers based on their possibilities and the range of services provided (field check up, treatment, rehabilitation, etc.)

Due to our experience in the field of medical services we are recognized by the leading clinics, health centers and doctors of Germany and Switzerland.


  • Travel arrangement
  • Visa support + original invitation from a clinic
  • Financial guarantee to medical centers
  • Transfer within the country
  • Interpretation services (full term of treatment)
  • Contracts with citizens and organizations
  • Translation of medical documentation

The growing experience and continuous collaboration with different medical institutions allow us to look forward to the further development of our quality standard and extension of the range of services. And that will increase our chances to offer you the treatment and clinic that will meet your requirements.

We highly appreciate you trust and guarantee security and confidentiality of all the medical, financial and private information of our patients and their sponsors.

Quartana GmbH offers our patients an optimal world standard program of medical service at competitive prices.

We are happy to help you.

Consultation service by Quartana GmbH is free of charge.